On the 7th of July 2016 we hiked from Umoljani to Lukomir and back. Being our first mountain hike in Bosnia and Hercegovina, We were startled by the sheer beauty of the landscape and it´s pristine, unspoled nature. The route to Lukumir took us through a hilly terrain grazed by sheep and interspersed with beautifully shaped trees. After a while the village of Lukomir beacame visible and we started the gentle descent to this charming settlement, which is only inhabited during the summer season. Having had a pleasant lunch in the village, we walked up a hill to get a splendid view of the canyon. The next couple of hours saw us following a path that had the charms of a "balcony walk", with mountain cliffs on one side, and the deep canyon clad in deciduous forest on the other side. This part of the walk made a very strong impression on us. A multitude of flowers and plants in various colours as well as an amazing number of butterflies gave us the impression of being part of a fairy tale, and as we approached some houses and fields, we almost expected beeing greeted by a group of friendly Hobbits!

We can highly recommend this hike, and we can´t think of a better guide to have along than Midhat. Full of knowledge and enthousiasm about the mountains, he made shure that we enjoyed every moment of the walk.

Aida Bibic and Martin Lindberg
Gothenburg, Sweden

7th July, 2016

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